A Doctor, A Cop, And An Inmate

Shawn is an inmate who has been jailed for some time. One day, it's the time to get inspected by the prison doctor. A cop, Sergio Soldi, comes and takes Shawn to the infirmary. Shawn is ordered to strip by the doctor and he did it gladly. The doctor, Daniel Paxton, carefully examined Shawn's naked body, including his genitalia. Watching it from a far, the cop is turned on by the medical examination. The doctor is also turned on and finds it hard to resist the sexual tempation. Minutes later, the three of them are naked with throbbing hard-ons. Shawn is a good bottom; the life in prison has taught him well. Both the doctor and the cop get their turn to fuck Shawn's ass. When the doctor's turn comes, he lies naked on the floor and Shawn bounces up and down his erection. At the same time, Shawn has to suck Sergio's dick. The threesome scene is fantastic. Shawn really loves the sex and he can't hide it.
Featuring:  Daniel Paxton, Sergio Soldi
Release Date: 07/04/2017

Tags: Brash Boys, Condom, MP4