Amorous Couple

The bar guy from the previous episode has returned. This time he brings beers for a couple of male guests, Lucas Di Fubbiano and Peter Bizanci, who happen to be in the middle of hot sex. Not wanting to disturb the lustful couple, the bar guy stays quiet and takes a peep. The amorous couple did not know that they are being watched. But even if they had known, they would have still ignored it. Lovingly, Peter embraces his boyfriend's body as they kiss. In their relationship, Peter assumes the role as the top while Lucas is the bottom. They spends several minutes for foreplay before getting to the oral sex. To show how much he wants to please his lover, Lucas takes Peter's cock and starts sucking it. Low groans echo from Peter's lips as he enjoys the oral sensation. The precum that leaks out of the piss slit is Lucas' reward. Yet, Lucas needs more than precum, he wants his boyfriend's dick. And they do fuck in the end, in several different positions.
Release Date: 06/28/2017

Tags: Brash Boys, Condom, MP4